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1. LA Fit Studio Highgate

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· 60 reviews

91 Brisbane St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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LA Fit Studio Highgate: what do users think?

Camilla Alegría: This is my favourite fitness center in Perth, the reformer classes are incredible and all the instructors are so professional and patient, if you are new to Pilates I couldn't recommend a better place to start.

Perth Feast: I absolutely LOVE LA Fit! I had never done Pilates before and was very nervous about my first class. However, the instructors and other members will make you feel very relaxed and comfortable. Lagree is for anyone and any fitness level and that’s why I love it so much. In just a short three months I have seen some major differences in my fitness and I’m discovering muscles I never knew existed before going to LA Fit. I can’t thank the team enough for how amazing they are and I can’t wait to keep getting better. 😊💙

Mariam Tagy: I haven’t trained since 2years but I am back on track with Lafit studio Highgate. They have highly professional instructors for former pilates and ride classes. Pleasant environment with great vibes, I definitely recommended it !!

Karen Teong: Two years on and we are still enjoying our classes at LaFit Studio Highgate!! Amazing instructors and great and friendly service from ALL staff!! 😘👍

Adrian Bertram: A great workout and space for all fitness levels. The instructors are bubbling with enthusiasm, making all new comers feel at ease and welcome in class.

Dy Szi: Welcoming atmosphere with great instructors. And killer workouts!

Ben Shaw: Great instructors and an amazing full body workout !!

Melika Shams: I tried Megaformer for the first time a while ago, and I really loved it.

Lee McDonald: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI find the instructors extremely professional and enthusiastic. I’ve only been going to la fit in high gate for a couple of months but have already had positive outcomes for my knees and core strength.

MsLaine: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityI have been doing the Megaformer classes at LA Fit for about 7 weeks now and I am really enjoying them, I joined initially to work on building a stronger core. You will achieve that with these classes. Danielle and Shane are great instructors.

Naomi Faye: I have to admit, I avoided LA Fit for years because I thought it would be too "elite" or "good" for me. Boy, was I wrong!I've never been to a gym where I feel more at ease with myself and others. The owners have obviously defined their values and made sure they are communicated at every touchpoint. From the moment you walk through the door, you're treated like you belong.The instructors are all high energy, approachable and HUMAN. I actually want to go to the gym now and not a miss a class. Speaking of the classes, HIGH QUALITY. You go on an emotional journey in each one. I feel my body changing after every 45 minutes I spend there.Good on you, LA Fit. You've nailed it.

Rushma K: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,Quality

2. LA Fit Studio



· 122 reviews

319 Hay St, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

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LA Fit Studio: what do users think?

Eleanor Clohessy: LA fit is fab. I’ve done a lot of different classes over the years and these are my absolute favourite. The instructors are great and so supportive, the environment is really friendly and welcoming and the work outs are the most effective I’ve come across. Honestly couldn’t fault it.

Andrea McC: Loved my first class at LA Fit on the Megaformer. The instructor was so fantastic and supportive through the class. Can’t wait for class number 2!

Gwent Cohen: and wished I joined earlier! For years I have walked past the studio and thought the Megaformer machines looked scary

Jane Douglas: Absolutely LOVE everything about LA Fit! The classes are fun and challenging, the instructors are so knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive, and the community is like a second home!! Can’t recommend enough

Josephine D: Love both studios! The most lovely team and members. Highly recommend the ride classes!

Klaire M: . Works and refined all your muscles. Builds strength but doesn’t create tension or injury. Instructors are all incredible and so knowledgeable. Studio is beautiful too. It has helped me train for rotto swim, hiking mnt blanc, during Mans after a twin pregnancy.

Tasha Hawkins: This studio rocks my world 🤩.Firstly- every single instructor has been welcoming, warm and explains every detail when you are just starting out. Secondly- all the classes have been excellent. As a yoga instructor of 15 years myself, they read the room well, give space to the student, hold their classes well and give options if needed. They are very experienced. Professional and clean space too. Love coming here 💕

Kate Searle: lovely instructors and moves and classes are more effective and advanced then anywhere else I’ve seen.

simone tabbitha: Fantastic Lagree studio in Perth. Space is great and the instructors were too. So friendly and great energy. Went five times when visiting Perth.

Greschen Brecker: Super efficient workout in 45 minutes. I love my 2 megaformer classes per week which I team up with 1 rhythm ride cycle class to get my heart rate absolutely pumping! Lots of excellent instructors and the Subiaco studio is clean and bright. High positive vibes every time I go.

Ché Savage: Always feeling amazing after every session here. Worth it.

Rhiannon Murray: I have been so impressed with this studio. The classes are an amazing workout and the instructors are so high energy! The megaformer classes are incredible and the instructors are really supportive in improving technique. 10/10 would recommend!

Amanda Mitchell: The staff and atmosphere are so inclusive, I had never done Pilates before or even group fitness classes but it didn't matter at all! I feel so welcomed. The classes are amazing, I am always looking forward to my Pilates nights.

Alisha Maclean: One of the best workouts I've ever done! All the staff are incredible and it's such a great community of people dedicated to healthy living and fitness.

Laura Moore: All classes are amazing - they leave you feeling motivated, upbeat, and refreshed and ready to start your day the right way. In particular, Bec's spin class is incredible because of her energy & passion for the clients. Thoroughly enjoyed the Ride or Die challenge with them, and now im hooked!!!

Darren Wong: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityAmazing classes with amazing instructors who love what they do. Wished I discovered them earlier especially with the Megaformer classes!

Los Pastel: Quick results and a great team.

3. Bike Bar

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· 19 reviews

273 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010, Australia

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Bike Bar: what do users think?

Jordan Forster: The best antidepressant you can buy

Tscp: This is such a special place, I don’t know how you do it, challenging, pushed right outside my comfort zone but feels so safe and inclusive. The staff are all so kind and supportive the whole vibe is so special

Courtney Kirk: I absolutely counted myself as one of those people who was never going to enjoy working out. I dabbled in pilates, wasted gym memberships & walk around the suburb with my dog - but never for one second thought I was the type to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to work out…. This all changed after I was dragged to Bike Bar for the first time.I actually like it. I honestly jump out of bed when my alarm sounds in the morning and adore my three spin mornings every week. It’s the best workout, an incredible way to start to the day - I’ve found the missing piece to my routine and am so glad I did!If you’re on the fence about trying it, take it from me - a reformed intense exercise-phobic who now sometimes even goes to class on a Saturday morning to start the weekend right. It’s fun. Thanks so much to the BB team for creating an environment that welcomes all fitness levels and continues to motivate me to hop out of bed to work out. Honestly. Miraculous!

Misha Hermanova: LOVE bike bar! Went from dreading cardio to finding a workout that I get so excited about every time. The energy of the team and class at BB is so contagious, I always walk away so energised and feeling amazing. Thank you bike bar!

Elizabeth Doepel: Completely obsessed with Bike Bar and fully intend on coming here til I'm 90

Stella Kelly: I have been nothing short of obsessed since joining Bike Bar 4 years ago. It is easy, convenient, inclusive, fast and most importantly… fun! All you have to do is rock up and they take care of everything: towels, shoes, showers, shampoo, hair driers, straighteners… you name it, they’ve thought of it. Even when getting out of bed is tough, I never regret going and always feel on top of the world at the end of class. Thank you for making exercise so easy and inclusive. It is clear that EVERYONE is welcome at this family owned business ❤️

Brooke Tarr-Wilson: I swore to myself that I would never ever try a spin class, or even if I did try one would it ever be a form of exercise I could do or enjoy… fast forward a few months and I am now obsessed! Between the amazing vibes, the amazing people, the dark rooms & the fab music - my day just doesn’t feel right if I haven’t been to BB! I did my first double class with Corey at Claremont last weekend and I’ve never had so much fun, whilst sweating so much! X

Emily L: I am absolutely obsessed with Bike Bar! I’ve always struggled to stay consistent with exercise because it felt like such a chore, however this has quickly become the best part of my day. I’ve recently moved far from both locations and I’m absolutely gutted, please open in Mount Lawley!!!

Laura Riehl: Cardio party that you don’t want to miss it’s so much im fun that the time flies and you wish for more! Great music and great instructors

Jayme Garrett: It has inspired me to enjoy working out in a completely different way and the studio and condition of the bikes are unmatchable!

Clare Wheelahan: Awesome atmosphere and really welcoming! Have just started recently and couldn’t speak more highly of how accomodating the staff are, helped me get set up on the bike and always checking in how I’m going before each class. The classes are great for people of all fitness levels and abilities, not to mention how much fun they are!

Rosanna Blake: Absolutely love bike bar. It’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had while exercising! I can honestly say I’ve never felt the need to get up for a 5:30am class before discovering bike bar but I’m truly obsessed and take every opportunity to go.All of the staff are incredible and make you feel so welcome and inspired to push a bit further each time.Couldn’t recommend it more.

Lauren Birkhead: Absolute ripper says it all! The instructors, the music, and the vibe make it the best workout and something you’ll keep coming back for more and more of!Thank you BB team for making my mornings so enjoyable and kick starting my day with awesome energy every time!

Millie Hirst: Joined bike bar for something different a few months ago when I moved back to Perth and it’s been a breath of fresh air.It’s exercise that I love and I always come out in a better mood than I went in - much love to Corey and the BB team for sharing your energy with me x

Lucy Todd: I have done a few rides now at bike bar Claremont and it is great! Every class is fun and genuinely a hard workout. The staff are nothing but kind and inclusive, I will definitely continue to attend classes and support this family business.

Robyn Sermon: The great people, amazing music, the time to myself in the dark, the positive energy, wise words ..… all incredible. The sweat and cardio is just the added extra!

Kelly Wong: Ever since I first joined Bike Bar I fell in love with the scene! From my first ride in Claremont I was flawed with how good the girls were riding ! 2 years later I can confidentially say that my fitness and stamina has peaked to a level that I'm so happy with because I keep coming back to the amazing atmosphere that they have created!The girls are super friendly and kind and are always welcoming at every class. What I love most is their flexibility with everything I've requested, it's unlike any gym / fitness centre I've been to! The playlists get me pumped and I'm always walking out of the class with a big smile on my face. I'm so glad I can be a part of the bike bar community.

steph: i haven’t been going for exercise in AGES as i really hate exercise but after i found bike bar. ITS A GAMECHANGER. i always find myself excited for the next BB ride or BB tone class cz its just too much fun!!! my body has changed a lot ever since i started! thankyouuu so much BB for dragging me out of my comfort zone ahhaha❤️

4. Bike Bar

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· 6 reviews

755 Canning Hwy, Applecross WA 6153, Australia

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· 201 reviews

217/225 Fitzgerald St, West Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Bobridge Gym: what do users think?

Anthony Cashman: Great small gym, all the equipment you need and a great atmosphere.

Ribs Music: Awesome friendly community environment! Classes are great and super affordable! Favourite gym I’ve been to.

Robert Harris: Great gym, community vibes, no lock in contracts or hidden fees, owner is very flexible!

Tim McAlpine: Fantastic local gym…….here visiting son and family from Ontario Canada. Trying to stay fit and rehab a brand new full knee replacement. Perfect place right here around the corner. Thank you Lex for letting me spend a little time here

Jorge Montoya: Great gym for affordable price. Lex and Benji are great hosts. I moved too far from the gym so that is the only reason I had to cancel. Great people. P.S Benji likes to play with balls.

Susan Saleeba: Simply the best! Great atmosphere, excellent equipment and training first class. It’s how gyms should be! there to work hard, enjoy being there and relax there too!

Katie Maguire: Great gym

Coralie MacCleod: Really great ! And the boss is very very Nice !I’ll be back as soon as I can

6. Fine Tune Fitness

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· 19 reviews

1 Amherst St, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

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Fine Tune Fitness: what do users think?

Daniel Sharp: Great trainers and awesome atmosphere

Alistair Smith: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityCam and the team at FTF are brilliant. The location is fantastic, the sessions are varied & fun whilst helping you improve your strength & fitness. A weekly session at FTF has been part of my routine for a few years now and it has made a massive difference to my overall well being.

Mandy Van Ross: It’s the perfect gym and location for me. Love taking my pup for a walk after working out. I’ve been doing PT there for years! Cam and the crew are the best personal trainers in Perth. Great classes too, Highly recommended 👊

M.J Penter: Awesome gym in a great location. I have always found the staff to be friendly and knowledgeable, good mixture of gym equipment, group classes and outdoor space. The personal training sessions with Cam and the team are amazing, great trainers and lots of variety depending on your goals and what you're in the mood for.

Neil Mullally: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityCam knows his business well. One of the best motivators I’ve met without overdoing it and understands the strengths and limitations of his clients. Is a very intuitive bloke and definitely THE BEST PERSONAL TRAINER I’ve encountered. He’s also got a very good sense of humor Five stars"

S O'Reilly: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityGreat gym and friendly atmosphere. Personal training sessions are always great and I highly recommend them.

Doug Horak: I have been a member at FTF for a few years now and have been training with their personal trainers right from the beginning. Cam and the team have been fantastic, from the outset we set clear goals, and then regularly assessing and tweaking those along the journey.My overall strength, fitness and general well-being has improved beyond my expectations. It has taken a lot of hard work but it has been a really fun filled journey so far. Cam has regularly gone far beyond my expectations when it comes to the care and support I have received over the years, it really is a pleasure to be part of the Fine Tune Fitness Family! I cannot say enough about this crew!

James Habershon: The Personal Training is great at Fine Tune. The PTs are amazing. Great staff, great location - outdoor training facilities make it very unique.Shower facilities available

John Linton: Hard... but fair! In all seriousness, Tails is a great PT... always gets me going again after my 'lapses' in fitness.

Davide Palermo: Great Gym - Friendly Trainers - Amazing location with massive outdoor area.

simon armstrong: The staff are friendly and always happy to help you out. The atmosphere is great down at fine tune and it really feels like a little community down there. Being able to use the outdoor space is the best part!

Lee Callaway: Great friendly atmosphere were you feel like apart of the Family. PT Sessions are well tailored, focused & personable, helping you achieve great results. Staff are always friendly and down for a good banter.

Stu Mack: Quality trainers, venue is sensational, plenty of outdoor space and one of the best views in Perth

Crystal Simpson: Like a family at fine tune. All the trainers are friendly, the classes are different every week, and its been the first time I've been to a gym consistently and developed a solid level of fitness

scott marshall: Fantastic gym in a great location with friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable staff. Fine tune has a great array of equipment with a huge outdoor space for training as well, which means sessions can be much more varied and interesting. An awesome gym!!

7. Surge 247 Fitness

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· 51 reviews

10 Telethon Ave, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Surge 247 Fitness: what do users think?

Hyrum Daniel Martin: Fortunately, I was able to sign up thanks to an awesome staff member named Juan. He was very accommodating with helping me book a time and place and explore the membership options they have available.After exploring the options, I was then taken care of by another considerate staff member named Mary. She helped me with finalizing the details of my sign up and was very helpful. Overall great customer experience and am looking forward to my time at Surge. 🙂

Ange M: Signed up at Surge back in March and had the lovely Mary take me through the gym and do my sign up. She was super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.Have also had a few sessions with Alex for my member journey when I first signed up and he is very encouraging and supportive.Today I took my partner in to check out Surge and he had been emailing Juan to organize a time to check out the gym. Juan was super accommodating of my partners work situation and booked in a time on Saturday.Juan's attention to detail was great. He went through all available options with us so we were well informed.Mary then completed the sign up for my partner after our workout and just like the great experience I previously had with her she provided amazing service to my partner also.I find Surge staff and PTs very accommodating to individuals circumstances and they do try their best to work with your needs.Thank you Mary and Juan

Michelle Heringer: Great gym, good equipment, friendly & helpful staff, never too crowded

Nikolina Topic: he is passionate about what he does daily.What he is trying to achieve with his clients/students is something every leader in every company should try and achieve with their employees/followers/coworkers. Dig in deep and take the best out of us as humans. Those who are not willing to endure, can always go back to where they were.This is a thank you very much to Viresh. Personally, I'm looking forward to more.

Az516: Very clean gym, has so many different types of equipments. Most importantly Mentor Viresh is very kind , friendly, especially extremely knowledgeable and experienced mentor that you can gain some much knowledge and insights about coaching, and training from. I felt like i was a beginner after went for his class because there’s so much things that I can learn from him and he also shared a lot of great training techniques, sequences types , programs etc, and much more about not only PT but also great Coach. I really appreciate the amount of effort and time he’s put for us to get us better and learn more and more.

Mentxu Anguita Regueiro: Great gym, with good atmosphere and quality classes. Viresh is a great mentor, totally recommend him. He is calm, patient and he knows how to assist to achieve our goals, he always has constructive words for us. Thank you.

ian bastyan: has been more than enough help. He’s delivered the content clearly and is constantly answer questions and guiding us in the right direction.

Mike Tibet (MikeTibet): I go to Kings Square. The Surge Staff are so welcoming. Special shout out to Alex one of the trainers there who took the time to help me improve my pull ups. Best fitness club I have been to in Perth.

Taia Hara: Great gym, bright open space, good equipment, diverse class options, community feel, friendly & helpful staff, never too crowded, good prices. Free PT sessions with your membership. Definitely recommend.

Ruben Tamin: The best gym facilities 👍👍👍well done

William Melo: Is good!

Yugo Matsunaga: Stuff are so kind!!!I like this place!

benoit rehault: Awesome ! a good team and a very warm welcome from them

8. Goodlife Health Clubs Brookfield Place

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· 83 reviews

125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Goodlife Health Clubs Brookfield Place: what do users think?

Nic Campos: Friendly staff, good place to work our during the week and quieter on the weekends. PTs are friendly and helpful as well.

paul: Great place. The equipment is fine. The location great. 24 hour access. The staff are outstanding, all friendly and helpful. And can't speak highly enough about the guy I trained with. A fella called Ben Thomas. Hugely encouraging and funny as hell. Complete win.

Adam P: Awesome gym where your goals are taken seriously. Personal Training sessions are the best with Sergio who is King of saying “two more” “two more” great energy with the team there.

9. Vault Fitness

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· 17 reviews

44 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

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Vault Fitness: what do users think?

Raef Menassa: Nice Team

Naomi Boyce: Great gym. Wonderful trainers. Everyone is welcomed. Well priced. Highly recommended.

Jay Hutson: Solid facilities and the crew there are real friendly.

graham thomson: Great vibe.

Thre Thre: Positive:Communication,Professionalism,QualityGood quality gym in the CBD. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly. They keep the gym nice and tidy too. Highly recommend.

Lee-Sai choo: Great trainers professional and knowledgeable.

X.Y W: Very well organized classes and very good coaches.

Shane Drumm: Great gym instructors who bring a friendly hands on approach to help you hot your goals

Joel R: Friendly staff. Good range of classes. Doesn't have a full gym worth of equipment, but enough for 95% of ppl.

10. CycleBar Currambine - City of Wanneroo

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· 17 reviews

Shop 3/1 Hobsons Gate, Currambine WA 6028, Australia

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CycleBar Currambine: what do users think?

Lea Selma: Fun and intense enough for a short work out! Consistently very friendly and accommodating team. Remembering my first time there to be great - you won't feel left out as they'll cover all bases with you. I enjoyed Rachel's classes so much!

Hannes Cronje: excellent studio, friendly staff, excellent instructors.keep up the good work, thanks Emmarentia

Chloe Foster: Cyclebar is great for both your mental and physical health, great instructors and set up. I love the friendly atmosphere and the fabulous music. At the end of every class, I feel energised, focused and ready to tackle my day!

Steph C: After years of gym classes I needed to find something that was lower impact but still high intensity, I recently joined Cyclebar and loving it! The trainers, the music and the energy they bring keep me motivated to push myself, yet I can still go at my own pace. Really enjoying it, thanks guys.

Richard Curia: An amazing environment to get fit as well as enjoying yourself while doing it.

Matthew Lynch: Great atmosphere which really pushes you to achieve your fitness goals. Fabulous instructors and a real professional outfit all round. Makes getting out of bed at 5am worthwhile- go Team Currumbine

Clare Greyling: By far the best workout class I’ve ever experienced

frances hormansdorfer: Fun energy, good vibes, they push you to get the most out of your session but you can also go at your own pace.

van teo: The team is friendly, helpful and alwayssss keeps an eye out for you, I always feel safe there! The studio attracts the best riders who likewise are also so friendly and always there to cheer you on. Always a pleasure.

L M: 10/10 Your not just another number walking through the door, the staff truly do care about you and it shows! You are made to feel right at home and welcomed by everyone. All the instructors are fantastic, the music is perfect each time even though it is so different one day to the next. A solid workout each time. I love how shoes and towels are supplied, even a fresh cold towel delivered to you as the ride finishes. Great Great Great!!!

Steve Blackmore: Went to spin class.....DIDN'T DIE!You always receive a warm welcome from the staff when you walk into Cyclebar whether you have been going there for 3 days or 3 years. Clip on shoes is provided so you get the most from your session with pre or post snacks available as well as emergency water bottles if you have forgotten yours.The instructors provide enthusiastic encouragement during the class accompanied by a kick A$$ playlist focusing on 'its your workout' not anyone else’s. You can follow the instructor’s guidance or do your own thing. YOU OWN THE RIDE! I generally stagger out of the studio thinking I certainly got my money’s worth there usually with my face immersed in the cold towel you get at the end session.First ride is usually free. Give it a go! You have nothing to lose.

Kim Cronin: I really enjoyed it. The instructor kept me motivated !!

Laura Cookson: Love cyclebar Currambine! I look forward to the class with Rachel each week. I always feel so good afterwards it makes my day 😊

Michelle Scamaton: I just love the professional & engaging instructors ~ they consider all levels of fitness,I always feel energized when I leave!

Tara Mcraith: I have been a member of the currambine cyclebar family from the beginning and I highly recommend them. The staff are amazing and friendly. The trainers are so motivating, variety of classes and music to suit everyone. Love the personal touches including cold towel at the end of the workout and the fruit and snacks.

Aleca Hendrix: , sharing endless energy and motivation to keep my legs moving! I am having trouble sitting today though- which means only good things right 🙇🏼‍♀️Thanks for the ride 🤙🏽

Stayc Freeth: Cycle bar is next level..Such a beautiful space.. And the staff are so gorgeous inside and out, the customer experience is 10/10 they really make you feel special and you get such a good work out! Can’t recommend enough 🙏 X

11. Snap Fitness Perth CBD 24/7

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· 97 reviews

81 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Snap Fitness Perth CBD 24/7: what do users think?

Alessandro Joseph De Pasquale-Gentelli: Great management and staff! No better place to gym!

Jessica Napper: Great atmosphere, lovely vibes. Great staff!

Isaac Sheehan: Great gym, great staff, great atmosphere!

Emma Davis: Maddi is the single greatest gym manager I've had the pleasure of hanging out with and 100% one of the main reasons I continue to use Snap CBD. Not only do they make me & my partner feel really welcome, they helped me settle in and actually get over my fear and anxiety of gyming especially by myself. I honestly avoid most other Snap Fitness gyms now because the vibe isn't the same as CBD. Honestly - I don't know if I'd continue to use CBD if Maddi ever left! I'm usually there 4-5 times a week and it's always a pleasure to have a chat with them. They're helpful, care so much about safety and the comfort of other members. Maddi, never change - you rock!

Shane Moretti: Well set out gym and perfect for me to get to. Plenty of equipment and everyone is very friendly. Great vibe! Maddie is very helpful and a bright, friendly face to welcome you into the gym

Jake “Skepta94” Ryan: Snap in Perth cbd is amazing! The equipment and the staff are extremely helpful! Especially maddi if you have any questions or need help with anything maddi will help you always smiling and giving positive vibes! Couldn’t ask for a better gym to train!

TrenteDXlol: Everyone at snap fitness CBD is awesome I’ve felt so welcome since I’ve been in the gym and the equipment and facilities are awesome!!

Alicia Malecki: Love this Club! Great experience with Manager Maddi. The gym is always clean and everyone is so friendly! Love the layout too. Keep up the great work Snap CBD! 🙌🙌

Ricardo Laner: Excellent location, excellent machines always very tidy, clean and organised.Not to talk about the manager that is awesome and always take a smile out of our faces.

Robin Bagga: Very helpful staff and friendly environment.

Simon S: Handy location for city workers.Maddi and the team are knowledgeable and helpful.

Janina Rauscher: Booked a gym session via class pass, very spacious gym with all the important machines you need to have a good session. Also, all the important equipment and handles!!!Would defo come again.

Darragh Hannon: Have been to a lot of Snap Fitness gyms in NSW & WA and this is probably the best. Staff extremely helpful and friendly also.. will definitely be back

Jesse Eastough: Very well looked after gym with great equipment and even greater staff. Maddi is always super welcoming and eager to help members. Over all a fantastic workout environment. Definitely recommend!

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