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1. One Sky Photography Courses

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5 Greenberry Cl, Mount Claremont WA 6010, Australia

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One Sky Photography Courses: what do users think?

Iri Galkina: I had a private “Know your camera” lesson with Garry and can not recommend him enough!His knowledge and explanation in accessible language exceeded my expectations.Moreover, only two days have passed since the lesson and I have already taken really nice photos that I am happy with.I am also not “scared” of my camera anymore, as I really was before Garry’s lesson.Great teacher, I would highly recommend!

Suzanne Sanderson: An excellent introduction in how to use my camera !!! I will be planning my next course very soon. Thank you Garry.

Colin Gibson: Garry’s photograph course was great. His knowledge and delivery when teaching is really easy to understand. Highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to improve their photography skills.

Linda Shaw: What an amazing, patient teacher Garry is! I enjoyed the two day course immensely and came away from it, happy and confident, due to what our group had been schooled in, learnt and practised on the different sites, within the five hours. I am now ready to take my camera off automatic and make the most of its capabilities!

Jenny Cameron: I did the two beginner sessions with Garry in February and very much enjoyed it. He was clear, patient and informative making great sessions.

Linda Gibson: I recently completed Garry's Beginner know your camera course and I’m really glad I choose this course. I was seeking a course that would help be better understand the functions of my camera and how best to use them.Garry answered all our questions in a manner that was easy to understand, the small group number was great. Now I just need to make the effort to get out and put the skills I learnt into action,

Hayley Elliman: I had a fantastic one-on-one experience with Garry where he worked through the functions of my camera and the formula to capture the most interesting photos.Garry, thank you for being so informative and delivering the information at the right pace.

Caitlin Ambrose: I was gifted the “know your camera - essentials” course for my birthday. It far exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would take away from a short course. Garry is so knowledgeable, patient, and approachable. I thoroughly enjoyed both days and would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get of auto mode but who isn’t sure where to even start.

Pete Mac: Garry provides a great experience and is generous with his time and patience. I learnt a lot is a very short space of time and would would recommend One Sky courses to anyone

Owen Cumming: "Know Your Camera" is a perfect course for beginners. Garry is wonderful and makes all the complex camera functions seem so accessible for novices. You could not ask for a better starting point for photography!

Kellie Lambert: Great course for beginners. I liked the small group sessions and it covered all the basics of getting to know your camera. Awesome.

Marcus Ward: Fantastic way to learn photography. After being given a camera for Christmas I was at a loss with all of the instructions and information. Garry simplified all of this for me with a really practical approach and within the first 5 minutes I felt more confident and understanding. Garry took a really comfortable approach and was conscious of the amount of information. By the end of the session I was able to take amazing photos and inspired to take more. Thank you so much!

Shams shams: Did a photography workshop with Gary and thoroughly enjoyed it and attained some very useful tips .Gary has a unique way of teaching and goes into details of each function of the Camera .Gary has good energy and is very easy to connect with. He goes over things again if you want him to repeat the steps .I would recommend him to anybody . Especially beginners like me.Thank you Gary again for making me feel so welcome and comfortable to your sessions .

Leslie Gregorovich: A very informative course. Gary is a wealth of knowledge and teaches in manner which makes it easy to understand and makes you feel comfortable with asking questions. I now feel a lot more confident with using my camera.

Giacomo Pizzini: Garry is passionate, careful and patient. He is able to explain complex concept in a very effective way. Great photographer and great teacher.

Lisa C: The know your camera course is great for a beginner wanting to understand how their camera works. Sessions are kept small so you can hear/see what is being said and ask questions easily. Garry is very knowledgeable and gives clear explanations. I'd recommend doing the two sessions rather than just one, the second session has a few more tips and allows you to refresh what you learnt the week before.

Kursley R: I highly recommend One Sky Photography to any beginner and Gary was great really appreciate the whole experience.

2. Venture Photography Workshops and Tours - Fremantle



· 63 reviews

133 High St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

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Venture Photography Workshops and Tours: what do users think?

Sandy Winkle: Best money I’ve spent on a workshop, I learnt a lot and now feel confident to get out of Auto on my camera.

Dionne O'Driscoll: Seng is absolutely brilliant. His knowledge of his craft combined with the ability to teach are a rare combination.

Lee Willows: some cool landscape photography techniques while having the whole weekend to put them into practice. This really helped reinforce what we were learning. Seng had great locations mapped out for us over the weekend and the weather helped create some amazing shots! Thanks again to Seng and Chris for sharing your knowledge and for being so patient with us 😊

Wayne M: Had a great weekend with Seng from Venture Photography on the Balingup weekend workshop. Great small group of guys. Seng gave advice on natural light portraits and landscape photography. We also discussed other issues regarding photography and Seng shared his knowledge with us. Seng also made sure everybody in the group understood the information prioritised our photo taking rather than his. Cheers Seng

Abel FS: We had a flash photography lesson with Seng Ma and I truly learned a lot, his style in teaching is very straight forward and very easy to understand, This is truly one of the best Photography lesson I've had!

ROSI KATICH: Great. Workshop content, tutor, and models all excellent. Short workshop with practical skills by the end! Thx Seng

Steven Suckling: Thank you Diana for a very informative and easy to understand Wildlife Portraiture workshop at Yanchep NP.

Steve Parkins: -I cannot recommend Seng highly enough--will definitely do more with Seng! The best.!

Heather Ford: 100% would recommend, Seng is great at explaining things and I always get so much out of his Classes.

Rob Potter: Brilliant explanation and practical learning experience from a professional photographer. Thankyou Seng. I feel very inspired to practice my newly learned skills.Thanks again

Alicia Sun: Seng is very knowledgeable about a whole range of cameras and lenses. He is patient and encouraging in his teaching. Helped me to use the equipment I have to take some really cool and creative pictures. Exciting to learn so much at the Balingup weekend. Thank you Seng. 😀

melissa haslam: Diana is very skilled at in-flight Bird photography and passionate about sharing information and technical suggestions on capturing an image. A great workshop for a beginner.

Julie Moore: 100% recommend

Illona Tobin: The BEACH DOGS PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP was fantastically led by Diana with valuable tips for getting great photos. The handlers and their beautiful dogs were a delight to photography. Highly recommended.

Ignatius Wong: Seng is an excellentteacher, he delivers in a very simple yet clear language.Very recommended course if you want to improve your skill in photography .

Steve Benfield: Have done several of Seng's workshops and always found them interesting and insightful. Seng show great patience with all attendees and his knowledge is endless.

Max Maujean: . I am not one to write reviews, however as I am still going through the many images I took, the least I can do is write about this amazing experience. If it wasn't for Seng's knowledge of the place, connection with the locals and his ability to make sure I captured the perfect shots, I would have returned with some very average images. He took us to places with photo opportunities that I would have never known existed had I been there by myself. I highly recommend any of his tours/workshops as not only Seng will go out of his way to help you get the perfect shots, but his wealth of knowledge is priceless.Thank you Seng!

Rosalie D: Wow, the Photo Inspo weekend was such a great event! The range of speakers and photowalks was very diverse, but there was not one where I felt I didn't gain helpful insights. On top of that, the other attendees were so welcoming, always a big thing when you're going to something on your own! A thoroughly engaging and educational event.

Annette Liley: Another awesome Workshop at Team Digital from Seng Mah at Venture Photography. Inspiring speakers, followed by shooting different models, Seng as usual there to offer advice and help with lighting setups as required. Ben from Team Digital available to offer help and advice on equipment and camera gear. A thoroughly enjoyable day.

3. Camera Club Australia

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· 2 reviews

4/385 Sevenoaks St, Beckenham WA 6107, Australia

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4. North Metropolitan TAFE

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· 85 reviews

Locked Bag 6, Northbridge WA 6865, Australia

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North Metropolitan TAFE: what do users think?

Karl Abraham: Highly professional. Massive improvement in customer care and support for students. My son did certs III, IV and diploma at East Perth campus and received 3 job offers before finishing. My daughter is at Mt Lawley doing nursing and couldn't be happier. North Metro TAFE is making us proud parents of our kids.

Taj Westy: Good learning environment, but could use some better teachers, that make you feel uncomfortable with doing certain courses, you learn a lot of fundamental skills though, would recommend it, but beware of some strict lecturers.

Nur Al Hasan: Good

Darren Reilly: You are so unprofessional Nick C the Massage lecturer. Great jobs overseas for me. Quickest way not to get a degree. I have a question Nick C. What is neuroleptic syndrome. If I used guarana would it treat the symptoms. What about swallowing difficulties is it reduced by taking guarana. I am the dumb one. Never graduated. And got a higher job overseas.Is Guarana and Levodopa great interchangeable drugs? What about benetropine and propranolol. Could you use Ritalin as an alternative.

CHANH BUI: A place worth studying & meeting multi-racial people.

tegan: Mrs Elvard.

Leon Wreyford: Great venue.

Deirdre McQuillan: Enrolment completed!

Haiyan Jiang: It will be perfect if provide hot water on each floor because most student come from Asia

Daniel Lynch: Great experience

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